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Responsible lending

We always conduct a thorough credit test. We provide detailed credit information for all applications we weigh together with external information from different sources with possible internal information and past borrowing and payment history. This leads us to make a better assessment of the borrower to avoid ending in difficult situations. We only lend money to companies We only turn to companies and never to private individuals. We do not require any collateral from the company, but personally require the guarantee from all new customers. We also put a reasonable loan ceiling. You have to be able to pay it back. We set individual limits for how much each company can borrow. Depending on how your business is developing and depending on how you handle your payments, the loan ceiling may change. We ask you to think before you borrow money. We apply good credit terms and we take our full responsibility as a creditor. Obviously, one has to consider before applying for a loan, whether it is a small corporate loan from us or a larger loan from a bank. There are many good reasons for taking a corporate loan, but there are situations when you should avoid taking a new loan. Following these simple rules avoids many risks.


Do I have to have a personal warranty/bail for a corporate loan?

There are corporate loans where personal bail is always required, the partial bail is required and no bail is required. The applicable agreement depends in part on the amount borrowed.

However, if you have a private company and sign a business loan, it means that you always go for personal protection. This is because there is no legal difference between you as an individual and your company in case you run this business form.

Which companies can apply for corporate loans?

The type of business approved varies between lenders. There may also be different requirements for how long the company should be active or how large sales companies should have. The most common thing is that corporate loans can be subscribed regardless of company form. Instead, there are other factors that limit who gets its loan. For example, companies, or entrepreneurs, can be denied loans with payment notes.

Do I have to show financial statements, etc. to get business loans?

What documents that need to be displayed vary between the lenders. However, with a number of lenders, it is not required to show the financial statements, business plan etc. They lend lenders who lend lower amounts (up to one million) and have a faster and easier loan process than many banks.